Spray Dry Oil
Olio Secco Spray Ingredienti Naturali 99%

Olio Berbero

is a concentration of 7 precious oils for the beauty of both skin and hair


  • Argan Oil rich in Omega 6 and vitamins with a nourishing and restorative action
  • Sweet Almond oil elasticizing
  • Orange Oil revitalizing
  • Rice Oil antioxidant
  • Pistachio oil regenerating
  • Olive Oil moisturizing
  • Grape Seed oil firming


  • face added to the cream, morning and night
  • Make-up before the CC Cream
  • HAIRS as a pack before or after shampooing
  • CHILDREN ideal also for children’s skin
  • HANDS AND FEET massaged with care
  • BATH steamed in the bath
  • BEAUTY SPA perfect for massage
Oli Leggendari Rituali di Bellezza

What it is

OLIO BERBERO is a silky and light dry oil formulated
with 99% natural ingredients, that can be used
in thousand situations as a unique beauty treatment.

Its ultra-sensory texture is quickly absorbed and contains an exclusive cocktail of 7 oils capable of working in synergy to nourish, tone and intensely regenerate face, body and hair.

Its sublime and enveloping perfume reveals harmonious hints of vanilla flower.

Nature's Guarantees
With due regard of both environment and skin, all Nature’s products do not contain contain:

Parabens Paraffin Mineral oils
GMOs SLS and SLES DEA and Formaldehyde donors
They are also: Nickel tested Dermatologically tested Made in Italy
Flacone Olio Spray
Texture Ultrasensoriale Garanzie Nature's

How to use


OLIO BERBERO is a multifunctional oil to be used all the time on the skin or both wet and dry hair.

spray a few drops on the palm of your hand and massage starting from the centre of your face with smooth circular movements. To be used morning and night. A drop of Olio Berbero can be added to your usual cream to enhance its nourishing effect.

apply generously after a bath or shower and massage lightly for an immediate sensation of hydration and wellbeing.

spray a small quantity on the palm of your hand and rub delicately your hair tips.


OLIO BERBERO is a perfect formula to create new beauty gestures and enrich your daily beauty routine.

beauty bath
pour a few drops of Olio Berbero in the bath. The precious mixture of 7 oils will make the skin soft and velvety, encouraging body relaxation.

As in beauty SPA
indulge in the luxury of a body massage, Olio Berbero encourages relaxation, tones tissues, relieves heaviness and improves microcirculation.

Olio Berbero is also ideal after a long exposure to the sun. Sweet almond, Olive and Rice oils alleviate the redness while Argan, Pistachio and Grape Seed give immediate nourishment to dry, irritated or sunburnt skin.

A glowing face in 3 minutes
after cleaning your face, dedicate a few minutes to a regenerating massage. Starting from the centre of your face, lightly massage your skin moving towards the outside with brief circular movements around the temples. You’ll be surprised with the result.

shiny hairs
a pack of Olio Berbero, before or after shampooing, creates a protective film that enhances, nourishes and protects the hair fibre. One more tip: when hair is particularly dry and lifeless, leave the pack on for the whole night. In the morning, after shampooing, your hair will be incredibly soft and shiny.

Perfect hands and feet: a few drops of Olio Berbero, massaged daily and after a manicure, make hands smooth and reinforce nails. Massaged on your feet after a relaxing foot bath, it alleviates chapping, softens cuticles, nourishes dry skin and leaves feet soft and shining.

with make-up
try and add a drop of Olio Berbero to your liquid foundation: the application will be smoother, the skin softer and the final result more luminous.

a cuddle for the little ones
thanks to its hypo-allergenic formula (delicate) with 99% natural ingredients, Olio Berbero can be used to protect and soften children’s skin.

the collection edition

For the launch Olio Berbero is presented with special packaging in a limited edition. The elegant glass bottle is embellished with a wonderful illustration signed by


a young and already established Italian artist that collaborates with Corriere della Sera and other prestigious newspapers in Italy and abroad.

Dipingere la Bellezza

When I paint I like to tell about far-away places.
With Argà Olio Berbero I have been able to describe the emotions of a country I love, Morocco, its scents, its powder shades, the warm ochre, red and saffron colours that express magical atmospheres.
Like a travel diary talking about uncontaminated nature and charming women with mysterious henna tattoos.
The watercolour washes suggest an atmosphere, the splashes of colour create a magical world of light and shadow, the Indian ink with the nib reveals the details, narrates the plants, the tattoo design, a woman profile.
And everything is just suggested, not finished; painting with watercolours also means leaving white spaces, like things left suspended and for that reason shrouded in magic.

Alessandra Scandella



You can buy Olio Berbero at herbalists’, chemists and in parapharmacies.

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